10 Upgrades That Increase Your Home Value without Breaking the Bank

10 Upgrades That Increase Your Home Value without Breaking the Bank

10 Upgrades to increase your hudson valley homeYour home is your castle, so typically when you make upgrades to it; it is for your benefit. However, you might want to put a little more thought into the value that your updates will add to our home in case you decide to put it on the market. Some of the smallest changes in your home can result in earning a bigger offer on your home. Here is a list often things that you might want to look into for your home.

1. Curb Appeal
Your curb appeal is something that can be easy to upgrade. Apply some fun paint to your front door to help give it a fresh appearance. Freshen up your trees and shrubs with some pruning. Mulch your garden beds. Add a nice border to your beds and walkways. Update your stairs leading to the house or the pathways. Anything that makes you feel good when you pull up to your home will help your curb appeal.

2. Outside Seating
You can add an outdoor table with seating outdoors. This is a nice touch that helps future buyers imagine how they can use this space. It adds to the appeal and overall warmth of your space.

3. Cabinets
Installing new cabinets can be expensive. You can give yours a lovely “new” look by adding a few coats of paint. Alternatively, if you are feeling ambitious with wooden cabinets that have already been painted, you can strip the paint to expose the natural wood and stain it.

4. Upgrade With Molding
You can upgrade rooms, windows, and your kitchen with molding. With crown molding, panel molding, screen bead, half round, and base caps you can create interesting features to upgrade features in your home. There are plenty of ideas available online if you are feeling a little stuck in trying to figure out what might look best for your home.

5. Popcorn Ceiling
If your home has a popcorn ceiling, you will probably want to have this removed. Lucky for you, this is something that you can do yourself if you are so inclined. Ceilings that were installed before 1979 should either be treated as if they have asbestos in them or should be tested to see if it does. Some recommend using a professional if it does have asbestos to protect your health.

6. Bathroom Facelift
Bathrooms are a feature that can attract prospective homeowners to wanting to place an offer on your home when you sell it, but doing a complete renovation might be out of your budget or perhaps you did one a little while ago. You can look into ways that you can give your bathroom a facelift. This may be installing a new toilet seat or toilet, changing your faucets, putting in a new pedestal sink, updating the floors with new vinyl tiles, replacing shower tiles, or having the tub replaced.

7. Kitchen Facelift
The same can be said for your kitchen. You may have already looked at your cabinets, but you can do some other upgrades to your kitchen short of throwing down for a renovation. Look at your flooring, faucet, fixtures, and backsplashes to see if they could use an update. You can also add new hardware to your cabinets and kitchen drawers can also help to give your kitchen a new feel. One other area to look at for your kitchen facelift is your appliances. No, you don’t have to purchase completely new appliances, but you can often replace the doors or face panels so that they match to present a more cohesive looking kitchen.

8. Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
You may find that your bathroom problems go beyond a few cosmetic touches. A renovation might be just what you need. You can ensure that this wont break the bank by setting a budget of what you can afford, and going with a company that can work within a budget to give you the features that you want.

9. Inspector
If you are seriously considering putting your home on the market, or justwant to know what you need to do to upgrade it for sale later on, have it inspected. A housing inspector can let you know what needs to be done to get your home ready for a sale. They can identify spots that need to be fixed, and this can be ideal for new owners, but can also give you peace of mind that you are living in a safe home with your family.

10. Realtor
Your local realtor is another excellent source of information for what you should do to your home to help increase the value in the eyes of a new buyer. They understand what features are doing well in your neighborhood and which features are not. This will help you put your money to good use in upgrades that will improve the sale rather than hinder it.