3 Ways to Shield Your Deck This Spring and Summer

3 Ways to Shield Your Deck This Spring and Summer

Patios and decks are a beautiful enhancement to add to your home and can be the perfect means of hosting a spring or summer party. However, it is essential to preserve your deck to make sure it lasts throughout the years. The impact of sun exposure, humidity, and excess water all are factors with the potential to damage and erode not only your deck’s appearance but its functionality as well. To preserve your deck or patio and keep damage at bay, take a look at the five following ways you can care for your deck this spring and summer.

Examine Your Deck Regularly

The leveled service of your deck reacts to water, sunlight, and foot traffic in noticeable ways, so be sure you are keeping an eye on the condition of your deck throughout the warm months. Water can linger on wood longer, sunlight has the potential to damage a deck without anything shielding the wood from above, and moisture due to rain or sprinklers can result in your deck becoming worn. Pay attention to cracks in your deck’s boards, which can result in build up between the floorboards, and check regularly for bird droppings, mold growth, and insect infestation.

Apply Routine Maintenance

You can strive to keep your wooden or composite deck in tip-top shape by taking preventative measures with regular maintenance. Sweeping your deck, monitoring it for any signs of moisture, and disposing of wet debris such as leaves and sticks before they accumulate can help maintain your deck. Make sure all shrubs are not growing near your deck, clear food smudges, and bird droppings immediately after you notice them. If you have potted plants sitting on your deck, be sure to move them around from time to time and keep them raised to ensure airflow reaches underneath them.

Seal Your Deck

Unfortunately, an unprotected deck is bound to erode fairly fast. Though pressure treated wood can be impervious to the effects of rotting and insect infestation, it will still break due to water damage. To keep your deck protected in the long-term, you will need to employ a deck preservative, such as paints, sealers, stains, which are explicitly made to defend wood and composite decks from moisture, fungus, and the sun’s rays.

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