4 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen for Spring

4 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen for Spring

Spring is the season of rebirth and prosperity, which makes it the perfect time to rejuvenate the appearance of your kitchen. If you’re fresh out of remodeling plans, consider the following four ideas to ignite the flames of inspiration right in time for spring:

  1. Repaint Your Walls

Enhance the appearance of your kitchen’s walls this spring with beautiful brightly colored paint. Great colors for spring include greens, light yellow, light blue, aqua, light pinks, and blue-green shades. If you want to be conservative when it comes to color, try combining one of these colors with white. But if you want to enhance the color of your walls, use a different shade of your selected color in different accent areas. If you are not a fan of brightly colored walls, simply opt for a classic shade of white, which blends well with almost anything and looks elegant when complimented with wood furnishings and tones. Use bold color to show off your personality and make a bold statement or go for muted shades to focus attention on other décor elements.

  1. Upgrade Your Countertops

Countertops can characterize an entire kitchen all by themselves, so selecting an eye-catching one is an excellent way to redefine your spring kitchen.  If you want the countertops to be the most noticeable aspect of the room, opt for a textured, colorful material to make them pop. But if you prefer a less-noticeable countertop, select a neutral, smooth-colored material to create countertops that are not overshadowing the other colors and design elements in the kitchen.

  1. Consider Changing Your Cabinet Style

If you don’t have an abundance of cabinets in your kitchen or if you have a particularly small kitchen, open shelving can create storage space while enhancing the appearance of the room. Open shelving can make items easily accessible and help clear space on your countertops, which can help a small kitchen appear less cluttered overall. Open shelves also provide a wonderful opportunity for showcasing your most beloved dishes, glasses, or keepsakes.

  1. Add a Personal Touch

Enhance the personality of your kitchen by adorning it with various accessories, such as gorgeous flowers, vases, fruit, artwork, and by adding hints of color to the knobs on your cabinet doors. These small, decorative details can give your kitchen a personalized, welcoming atmosphere that is sure to have a positive effect on your family and any guests you may have this spring.

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