Accord Home Remodeling & General Contractors

General Contractors in Accord NY

Peak Construction has been helping Accord area residents complete luxury home-building projects since 1994. Our goal is to satisfy our customers, surpass their expectations, and ensure quality construction that will last generations. Whether starting a new building project from the ground up or remodeling for an updated look, Peak Construction is the general contractor that can make your dream home a reality.

How Are We Different?
Peak Construction is a far cry from the average Accord general contractor. Instead of functioning as a middleman between you and various crews, the team will lead the way to your new or refreshed luxury home. As your general contractor, we ensure your project proceeds smoothly and will take the stress out of the home building process by managing every detail.

We work with you to develop your dream home vision. You’ll receive a quality build along with the reassurance of a professional team that will complete the job correctly and stellarly the first time, every time.

We will:

    • Meet with you to establish the fine details of your project
    • Evaluate your land as well as any existing structures
    • Draft plans and review them with you before proceeding


  • Set actionable goals and establish solid timeframes, so you know exactly what to expect and when you will get it
  • Work closely with vendors, delivery crews, and more, carefully overseeing their part of the project
  • Ensure your satisfaction with the quality of work, customer service, and all elements of the project


Types of Projects We Manage

Our professional team has a wealth of experience handling projects at every stage of the luxury home-building process. Some of the construction or remodeling projects we can take on include the following:

  • Garage Transformation. Too many homeowners have a garage that doesn’t match their lifestyle. If this scenario sounds familiar, we can convert your garage into a new space that functions better for you and your family. Our team is equipped to build a brand-new garage to accompany your home.
  • Kitchen Remodels. We love kitchen remodels. Whether you dream of a chef’s kitchen or need more space, our team will remodel your kitchen to create the luxury aesthetic you crave and give you the additional space you deserve.
  • Bathroom Remodels. Peak Construction can turn any ordinary bathroom into your personal spa. We can handle complete bathroom overhauls, add needed square footage, or upgrade your existing space.
  • Additions to Your Home. Our team can help you create a new luxury space or expand existing rooms to fit your expectations and meet your needs.
  • New Home Builds. Above all, Peak Construction offers superior luxury homebuilding. Our general contracting services can help you ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Local & Reliable Contractors

Any major construction or home renovation project involves many moving pieces, and having a robust and reliable network is critical. Peak Construction’s experts know the local area and will be available as needs arise. Our team can keep your project moving from local ordinances to essential safety laws. We are well versed in the regulations, and we deliver compliant luxury homes.

Hiring a reputable and reliable general contractor is essential when taking on a new home building or remodeling project. Achieving the luxury aesthetic is not easy, but Peak Construction can skillfully materialize your dream. Our reputable general contractors will ensure you get the polished result you seek.

A professional team of remodelers or homebuilders will have the expertise necessary to make your project look great and ensure that the job is completed the right way with quality materials. To achieve your homebuilding goals, our general contractors will handle every detail of your project, from communicating about permits to ensuring the timeline stays on track. We will follow up diligently to ensure your home is at your quality standards, no matter the scope of your build.

Reach Out to Our Experts

While you might be unsure how to navigate all the steps of a multistage construction, renovation, or remodeling project, Peak Construction is standing by to help you turn your home into the home of your dreams. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with our homebuilding experts.