Adding a Bedroom to Your Home in Hudson Valley, NY

Adding a Bedroom to Your Home in Hudson Valley, NY

If you are thinking about adding a bedroom to your home, or a home you want to buy, there are many ways to incorporate a new bedroom into the existing spaces of the house.  Remodeling to add a bedroom is sometimes easier and cheaper than putting an addition onto the home.

Rooms to Remodel

You may have unused spaces in your home that you can turn into one or more bedrooms in a short amount of time.

  • A basement is a perfect area to add rooms and even double your square footage. Once your remodeling project is done, you could have a home that is worth a lot more than it was when you bought it.  The only thing you’d have to change on the outside of the house is the installation of an egress window for each bedroom if you don’t already have them.  It is easy to add walls and doors to an open basement to create bedrooms and even a second kitchen or living area.
  • An office, den, or formal room at the front of the home can easily be turned into a guest bedroom with a closet. With a few walls and doors, you will have an added room with a fraction of the costs.
  • If you have a large garage or a shop, a room can be added in that area to accommodate guests or teens. With enough space, you can add a mother-in-law apartment above the garage.
  • Two-story entryways are delightful when entering a home, but these spaces can sometimes be converted into more second-floor bedrooms.
  • An attic is a great space that goes unused by most people. Changing it into one or two bedrooms can create an excellent area for guests or children.  Even if the attic is small, you can incorporate custom shelves and bunks along the finished walls to maximize space.

If you have flexible spaces to use in your home, you may not have to add a room to your home.  If you want to add additional square footage to your home, call Peak Construction to get an estimate and talk about ideas for your new bedroom.