Smoke & Fire Restoration in Brewster NY

Brewster fire disasters can either cause a relatively small damage or your whole property into ashes. Whether the fire is localized to your kitchen or throughout your whole house, you can count on Peak Construction to be there for you.

Why you should work with us, Brewster
Peak Construction is a fully licensed construction and restoration firm that is more than ready to service your every fire and smoke damage problems.

Communication Is Key
Peak Construction understands the importance of communication and coordination not only between us and you, but all parties that may be involved in such an undertaking. We provide a detailed documentation of all the steps and procedures taken, as well as updates on progress. Being on the same page is important when you potential insurance companies and claims involved.

Smoke or Fire. We are the Experts
We have the personnel and equipment that can handle all the major facets of a restoration project. We can do it all, planning, designing, construction and completion phase. We understand it is an extremely stressful and difficult situation, so we want you to count on us to keep restoration project organized and flowing in the right direction.

Top Notch Materials and Craftsmanship
Peak Construction only makes use of the best construction and restoration materials sourced from the most reputable manufacturers. We make sure that every wood, metal, concrete – everything – is nothing short of excellent to ensure that your newly restored property meets every standard. Coupled with the best team of restoration experts available, relax a bit and take comfort knowing that we leading the way.

Although we sure hope you will never have the need for our smoke and fire restoration services, if the unfortunate event arises, call us and see the Peak Construction difference.