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Transforming Your Catskill Home with Peak Construction
At Peak Construction in Catskill, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable and at ease in your home. With over 30 years of experience, our experts are passionate about home remodeling and helping individuals and families create spaces where they can grow, thrive, and make lasting memories. A home is not only a place of creativity and safety but also becoming a space for work, with home offices and small businesses operating from within.

Our mission at Peak Construction is to protect your sacred space and turn your house into the home of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to completely transform your existing space or maintain and update the areas you love, our team of contractors, who have been improving home life since 1993, is here to help.

Remodeling Services Offered in Catskill:

We recognize that home remodeling can be a daunting task, accompanied by a sense of overwhelm. Still, our team is here to guide you through the entire process and ensure you get the best return on your investment. Take a look at the renovation and remodeling services we offer:

Kitchen Remodeling: We can optimize the value of your home by improving your kitchen area. From increasing countertop space to adding kitchen islands and updating appliances, we’ll give your kitchen a fresh and functional look.

Bathroom Remodeling: Whether you desire the addition of an extra sink, the creation of a walk-in shower, or the enhancement of the space with a jacuzzi, our team possesses the expertise to fulfill your bathroom renovation needs.

Adding Mudrooms and Entrance Rooms: Keep your house clean and organized with a mudroom that provides a designated space for cleaning off and storing shoes, coats, and other outdoor gear. These areas can also serve as additional storage and even accommodate washing machines.

Entertainment Rooms: Let us help you create the perfect home fitness studio, theater, or game room. These unique spaces can add a touch of luxury to your home and enhance your lifestyle.

In addition to these services, Peak Construction can assist you with home offices, flooring restoration, roof and facade restorations, guest bedroom additions, primary bedroom expansions, garage transformations, doors and windows, and attic and basement finishing.

Our Services in Catskill:

Peak Construction prioritizes communication and collaboration to ensure we meet your expectations for your home renovation. We start by discussing your goals and project expectations upfront, enabling us to adhere to deadlines and avoid surprises. Our transparent pricing and availability throughout the transformation process provide peace of mind. If you choose to stay in your home during renovations, we’ll work with you to ensure minimal disruption and maximum comfort.

Teamwork Behind Remodeling:

As an integral part of the Catskill community, Peak Construction is committed to delivering a smooth and efficient remodeling process, followed by exceptional custom results. We are fully insured and licensed, adhering to the highest standards to ensure your home is of the utmost quality. Collaborating closely with you, our experienced team will ascertain the appropriate dimensions, designs, and materials to bring your state-of-the-art home to life.

Contact our general contractors at Peak Construction in Catskill to discover how we can bring your dream home to life. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing space or add new rooms, we’ll work with your vision and existing building layout to develop the perfect remodeling plan for your home.