Fall Is A Good Time To Add or Update Windows

Fall Is A Good Time To Add or Update Windows

With the month of August nearly over and the first day of school within reach, there is no question that the end of the summer is just around the corner.

This is the time of year when most households are starting to transition from the fun in the sun activities of summer to the beginning of school year chaos.

In addition to all of the changes in priorities, this time of year also brings a whole new weather pattern. We are weeks away from having to fall back and change the clocks and gain an hour!

Having the much darker weather of the fall looming around the corner makes getting as much natural light as possible.

One of the best ways you can brighten up your home and maximize the amount of natural light – no matter what the weather is doing – is to add windows.

Also, if your windows are older, they are most likely not as energy-efficient as they could be. Replacing old windows with new ones can make a huge impact on how warm your home stays this winter.

Choosing new windows can be a little overwhelming with all of the choices. Here are just a few types of windows that homeowners can choose from:

● Double-Hung Windows.

These windows are versatile because both of the sashes open. In other words, the window can either open from the bottom or the top. This comes in handy with you need some fresh air into your kitchen or bathroom but, don’t want to have your countertops exposed to the bottom section of an opened window.

● Casement Windows.

These are usually larger windows and can open like a door on a hinge. There is typically a handle that you crank to get the window open and they swing open to the outside. These windows can open just a crack or they can open all of the way.

● Awning Windows.

These are usually an accessory to other windows and can be installed above or below a stationary window. The slats of the awning window open outward and allow air inside. These are nice if you want large picture windows that offer some fresh air.

● Picture Windows.

This option offers the most light possible but, they are stationary and do not open. Adding awning windows is a great option so you can have a row of awning windows above your picture windows and get maximum light plus, the option for fresh air.

● Slider Windows.

These are pretty common windows and you’ve probably seen at least one set of slider windows in your life. One side of the window will slide open on a track horizontally and allow plenty of air to come inside. They are also easily secured and cleaned.

If you are considering adding some windows to your home to increase the natural light or, replacing your old windows with something more energy-efficient, as you can see you have plenty of options.

Make sure that you know what your top priorities are for your windows and you are clear on what your budget is when you are shopping for and deciding on your new windows.