Garage Conversions in Katonah

Custom Garage Remodels in Katonah

Garages have long been known for protecting vehicles and as an endless cavern forever collecting a family’s lost relics in boxes that are opened maybe once a year. But a garage is more than just a storage space. It is an opportunity to bring newly livable and functional space to your home to meet the needs of you and your family.

By reinventing what the traditional garage space looks like, you can customize this space to be anything you’ve ever imagined. Whether you want a dream home theater, a play space for your children, or an in-law suite that doubles as an income property, your garage isn’t an endless hole collecting stuff; it is a space with endless opportunity. The general contractors at Peak Construction know this and are ready to help you reimagine that classic garage.

Luxury for Your Car

Luxury isn’t just for inside the home. Whether you’re a car collector, a car fanatic, or just want a touch of class to where you park the family vehicle. Your garage can be the ultimate showroom. With built-ins lining the walls holding all your car maintenance accessories or custom shelving to get all that loose “stuff” off the floor and reorganized, your garage can be a showstopper that highlights your vehicle. Polish it off with a protective epoxy on your garage floor. Not only will your car turn heads but so will your garage.

A Place to Work

From car restoration to woodworking, your garage has often been the workshop for all those messy projects. Customizing your garage space will not only have a place for all your tools but the space to keep your projects organized. Redefining your workspace means redefining your work.
Livable Space
If you’re looking to convert part of your home into something more functional for your family, don’t think about tearing through walls. Think about how to repurpose the walls that already exist. Your garage offers the blueprint and the square footage to transform the spaces throughout your home. Whether you’re transitioning elements from your current home to the garage or you’re starting from scratch, the garage offers a quick solution to help your family.

Adding Value to Your Home

There is a misconception that converting your garage to anything but a place for your car and valuables will negatively impact the value of your home. However, when done correctly, up to code, and fully permitted, you will gain back value in your home at a rate of 80% of the cost for the work. Your exact return depends on the quality of the work and the type of work that is done, but your home’s value is certain to rise.

Local and Reliable

Working in the community for 30 years, our general contractors are local experts who are familiar with the construction codes and necessary permitting to be sure that your project is done and done right. We know how important the details of your project are, and we pay attention to every idea you have. This attention helps us to understand what’s most important. From your initial idea to the completion of construction, our team is available to answer all your questions with prompt and honest responses.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our focus is on customer service, and that starts by ensuring each of our projects brings not only the tools and knowledge but also the highest quality materials and expertise. Your garage is important to you, whether it is protecting your vehicle in the harsh Katonah winters or lounging with your family in your new home theater. No matter what use you envision for your garage, we want to see it as you do and bring you the quality you’d expect.

Katonah Garage Customization

Our Peak Construction team is ready to bring your garage back to life. Regardless of whether your project seeks to bring in extra income or provides the luxury display that makes your car shine, our team is ready to work with you to make it a reality. The versatility of this space is endless, which means any idea that you have can come to life. If you’re ready to start on your custom garage, contact our team today, and let’s get started.