Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Kingston, New York

If you are interested in remodeling the kitchen in your Kingston home, Peak Construction can walk you through the process.  We can help you decide on everything from design to what type of materials you want to use for flooring and countertops.

There is a plethora of options for countertops that you can virtually customize your remodeled kitchen just by adding a unique design or material.

Wood Countertops
Wood countertops draw people into the warmth the wood radiates in any kitchen.  Consider wood when you want a big kitchen in a family gathering environment.  Butcher block is also an excellent look for a chef’s kitchen and those who love surrounding themselves in a situation where something is always cooking in the oven.

Stainless Steel Countertops
Stainless steel is also an excellent countertop option for those who are in the kitchen regularly.  A huge benefit is it is easy to clean and maintain.  Stainless steel looks a little sterile in commercial kitchens but combined with the right textures and paint this material can look modern and sleek.

Granite and Corian
Granite and Corian are the most popular types of countertops when people want to remodel a kitchen.  Granite comes in slab form, which is the most expensive.  Consider granite tiles if you want to save money.

Like countertops, you have many options when it is time to choose flooring for your kitchen.  Consider unique materials if you want your kitchen to be the talk of the neighborhood, or typical materials if you see yourself selling or renting your home in the future.

  • Natural stone comes in many different forms. Consider slate, marble, or granite as good options for luxury flooring.  Slate can help your kitchen look luxurious, but it maintains the warm feeling of home that most people are attracted to in kitchens.  Granite and marble stand out as luxurious flooring for a dream kitchen.
  • If you want hardwood flooring, consider using repurposed hardwood planks if you have them. If not, you can have a custom wood floor cut for your new kitchen, stained, and sealed.  Alternatively, you can save money by installing engineered vinyl plank that looks like hardwoods but is cheaper, easier to install, and easier to maintain.
  • Bamboo is put in the same category as wood, even though it is technically a grass. A unique bamboo floor brings in beautiful colors and is an excellent background for a creative or someone who loves to display art.

Choose between boldly painted cabinets with quirky knobs or simple white cabinets that highlight the flooring and countertops in your new kitchen. You can consider painting or refacing structurally sound cabinets that you don’t want to move to not only save money but change the dynamic of the overall kitchen.

Redesigning Your Existing Kitchen in Kingston
If everything in your kitchen design needs to be redone, it is crucial to use the space you have or create more space by tearing down walls. You also have the option of moving your kitchen if you want a much bigger project.