Smoke & Fire Restoration Services in Kingston NY

When fire rages, it is not just the flames that you have to worry about. There’s also the smoke which can seep into every nook and cranny of your property from the vents to your pipes, and soot which coats your walls, ceiling, floors with thick films of black residue. Fire can indeed be one devastating event, once the smoke has cleared it can leave your Kingston property in a big, great mess.

So when your home or establishment has been ravaged by fire, it is crucial that you get in touch with a professional fire and smoke damage restoration firm right away – and we are proud to say that Peak Construction is the first to come to the minds of many home and business establishments in the area.

Peak Construction: The Leader in Fire and Smoke Restoration
Peak Construction has helped hundreds of fire incidents in the area get their properties and their life back to normal with our comprehensive and detailed approach to fire and smoke damage restoration. We assess the situation carefully, noting down all affected areas and the degree of damaged they incurred. We then present our services, which covers everything from planning, designing, coordinating with the necessary agencies involved and see your project through its completion.

We have a formidable team of Kingston experts with sound knowledge and solid experience with restoration processes, all certified and licensed to perform such jobs. We have access to the latest and most sophisticated restoration and construction equipment available in the industry, and will utilize each and every one of these to ensure that each restoration project is done quickly and efficiently.

We’re More than Ready to Lend a Hand
The experience of having to restore and reconstruct a fire-stricken property can be an excruciating undertaking for many Kingston property owners as they look at the remains of the accident. However, we at Peak Construction promise to be there for you and help make the process a lot less painful by showing you that you can have your old property back just the way it was before or even better.

We aim to give you hope with our fast and superior restoration and reconstruction services, because we know that the sooner you get your property back, the sooner you can start creating new memories.