Kitchen Island Options

Kitchen Island Options

Luxury kitchen design this season has embraced the idea of not just one kitchen island but two or one extra large “epic” island as an eye-catching centerpiece for the space. This feature adds a dramatic element and more room for dining, food prep, entertaining, and storage. 

Countertop Materials for Kitchen Islands

High-end kitchen islands typically feature countertops made of natural materials such as wood, granite, stone, or quartz. However, they can epitomize a more modern feel if your design aesthetic includes metal such as stainless steel or copper or even an industrial material like concrete. 

You may want to make even more of a statement with your extra-large island or dual islands by painting them with an accent color to make them a focal point. The main thing to remember is that they should feel elemental to the kitchen as a whole, both in hue and material. 

Beauty and Functionality

The style you choose for your islands should also sync with the kitchen cabinetry and theme. If your kitchen emphasizes natural light and outdoor views, the islands must showcase those same tones in color and line as your cabinets, window frames, and ceiling accents. 

A kitchen boasting artisanal tile work and hand-painted wall accents should also showcase islands with unique but understated lines that do not detract from the upscale touches surrounding them. For example, kitchen space in brown or black tones could benefit from repurposing an antique table into a massive, elegant island centerpiece for sitting and entertaining. 

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