Kitchen Remodel 101

Kitchen Remodel 101

Kitchen remodeling is a commitment, but if done at the right time, it can bring great joy to your life and elevate your living space for years to come. Homeowners typically decide to renovate their kitchen either immediately upon moving into a new home or after several years of utilizing the original kitchen.

Moving Forward With a Remodel

Because a full kitchen remodel takes time and can be disruptive to your regular home life, it is extremely beneficial to meet with a contractor and interior designer to ensure you make the most out of your space, source quality materials, and determine the touches and alterations that will make your kitchen unique as well as functional. The design should reflect your needs, your vision, and your lifestyle. 

Planning for Your Lifestyle

Whether you desire more seamless storage, better functionality for cooking, or an opulent entertainment area, determine which features and fixtures will best suit your style. For kitchens with high ceilings, for example, you may desire more cabinetry higher up, which would then require aspects to help you reach your storage, such as a toe-kick drawer or ladder access. 

Functionality also plays a significant role in any redesign. Accessible and attractive prep space, storage in a variety of sizes for small appliances, bakeware, cutlery, dry goods, dishes, and glasses, and handy access to appliances such as a wine cooler, crisper drawer, or toaster oven must be built into the design to offer a sleek and seamless overall effect. 

Lighting is another crucial element that will afford your space the style and update you crave while illuminating different work areas for various occasions, seasons, and times of the day. Pendant, accent, and lighting placed under cabinetry and within drawers make your space more inviting, elegant, and comfortable. 

Contact Peak Construction

For your high-end kitchen remodel, trust the experts at Peak Construction to work with you to make your space a reflection of your style and an area that will envelop you in luxury, elegance, and comfort. Contact us today for an estimate so we can help you get started immediately.