Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Lagrangeville, New York

Are you ready to remodel your kitchen in Lagrangeville? If so, then you have many decisions to make regarding design and the type of materials you want to use for your flooring, countertops, and even cabinets. If you have a design style in mind, that is the first step. Peak Construction can help you wade through the process of choosing how your new kitchen will look and then get to work installing all the components.

Ultramodern Ideas
Consider using quartz and lacquer to transform your whole kitchen into something that pops and complements your modern style.  Quartz can be used for countertops and backsplash, and cabinets can be lacquered to reflect shiny cupboards that pop with color.  Add lighting that is modern and simple to elevate the design of the kitchen.

Remodeling to Sell Your House
It is essential to view the competition in Lagrangeville so that you know what the homes in your price range have for kitchen components.  You can remodel your kitchen to add to your asking price by offering buyers a better kitchen than the comps in your area.  Consider granite and muted colors if you want to attract more buyers.  Unique designs may attract fewer buyers, but you could sell the home for a higher asking price and wait for the right buyer.

Repurposed and Recycled
Recycled glass, wood, and other materials are a great way to bring in other areas, cultures, or designs into your kitchen and make it unique.  Consider restoring wood for flooring and countertops or using old broken tiles to create a mosaic that glistens in the sun.  You can also reface or repaint your existing cabinets and use a variety of old knobs from antique stores to give your kitchen a new life with old things.

Unique Materials
Consider something entirely different for your flooring and countertops. Cork could be a great use in this space.

You can use everything from granite to cork for a kitchen floor.  Decide the style you want and how you want your space to reflect you as a creative or someone who really enjoys a quiet morning with a cup of coffee.  The style of your floor is an integral part of setting the warmth in your kitchen.

You can use anything for a countertop.  The key is how well you can maintain it and how easy it is to install.  Consider how well it fights off bacteria or if it is porous.  You should also consider if heat damages the material.

Peak Construction has an experienced team to help you create a kitchen that reflects who you are and how you want that represented in your kitchen remodel.  We not only help you with your design, but we will make sure that everything is installed and working well before we finish the project.  You can also decide to make your kitchen bigger or move it to a different area of your home.  If you have space, we will help you reach the vision you have for a dream kitchen.