Smoke & Fire Restoration in Lagrangeville

In terms of destruction, not many natural forces are as catastrophic as flame. Residential and commercial fires cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. Little do many people know, but smoke is just as, if not more detrimental to belongings than the fires themselves. It does not take long at all for valuables of all kinds to be affected by this deadly duo; when all is said and done, having a professional Lagrangeville smoke and fire restoration contractor on your side is essential.

We will help you get past the bad times, folks!

From all of us at Peak Construction, we are first very sorry to hear of your recent loss. Our team has been in the renovation business for 20+ years, and knows how devastating these situations can be. However, the best thing is that you are safe. After speaking with your insurance company, the next call you should make is to the crew at Peak.

Instead of treating your home or office like just another project, we take the time to thoroughly clean the area with care. Our certified restoration technicians work efficiently, while at the same maintaining a high degree of respect for what our customers are going through during these difficult times.

Being as we are home and business owners ourselves, we understand firsthand the gravity of the situation; we would not be doing our clients justice if we did not show them the compassion they deserve in light of the circumstances. You can always rely on Peak to clean and restore your property to its former condition. Just know our crew typically leaves everything looking far better than before!

Tips for choosing the ideal smoke and fire restoration company in Lagrangeville

  • Stick with the experts – most of us know a friend of a friend that works in the construction business. While you may be tempted to score a great deal through a relative or neighbor, keep in mind that smoke and fire restoration is a specialty field that requires a certified professional to do right.
  • Make sure the business has experience working with insurance agencies – experts in this industry are full aware of the often strict requirements imposed by insurance policies, and are thus more knowledgeable about the claim estimation process.
  • Cleaning companies do not fit the bill – there is a major difference between restoration businesses and their carpet/upholstery cleaning counterparts. The latter rarely work on property that has been damaged by the elements, and are thus ill-equipped to meet the needs of customers affected by them.

As a licensed, insured, and certified smoke and fire restoration firm in Lagrangeville, Peak Construction is here to help make your property damage troubles disappear. Get in touch with one of our customer services associates today for a free, no-hassle consultation.