Water Damage Restoration in Lagrangeville

Water does not mix well with building materials; drywall, flooring, and electrical wiring are not stuff you ever want H2O coming into contact with. Unfortunately, not all problems can be prevented. Things like burst plumbing lines, unexpected leaks, and basement flooding all pose serious risks to property, including buildings and the valuables contained inside them.

The only thing worse than having water come into contact with your household contents is allowing it to stand for an extended period of time. While there may not much you can do to prevent some circumstances in the first place, a quick phone call to the Lagrangeville water restoration experts at Peak Construction is all it takes to begin picking up the pieces.

Aside from an excellent track record stretching back 20+ years, our crew is committed to protecting your best interests at all times. We will not stop until every last drop of water is removed, that is our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! Moisture means mold and mildew growth, two things no victim of water damage wants to deal with. By not doing our job successfully, we would essentially be adding insult to our clients’ injuries!

What are the effects of water damage in my home or office?

There are two types of contact as it pertains to water damage; direct and indirect. The former almost always results in warped flooring, pealed paint, and malfunctioning electrical outlets (very dangerous).

Indirect water exposure promotes an environment where harmful airborne contaminants can thrive, which obviously poses serious health risks for building occupants. Structural supports are also at an increased risk of premature wear in the presence of excessive moisture levels.

Can I take care of the issue myself?

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to completely remove the water in your home or commercial office, especially when doing so means eliminating the source of the problem. Peak Construction has the tools and expertise needed for all your Lagrangeville water restoration needs.

We have worked on a vast array of residential and commercial cleanup/renovation projects, and have the resources needed to do so as quickly and effectively as possible. Take our word for it; this is not a DIY job. Let the skilled crew at Peak do the dirty work. Feel free to call or email us anytime for a restoration project quote.