Home Additions in Middletown NY

As a homeowner, you are free to do whatever you please to your property, within limits of course. This is why renting can by no means compare; once you make the transition to ownership, the opportunity to renovate that retro kitchen, repaint that dreaded exterior color, and expand to your leisure is a reality.

Add to your equity and lifestyle with a Middletown home addition

The only thing stopping you now is your budget (we can help with that) and your ability to see the big picture. The beauty of residential remodeling lies in the blank canvas mentality; in terms of additions, the crew at Peak Construction can perform virtually any type of expansion.

While you are certainly free to choose a common addition, we encourage our customers to stay as original as possible. For instance, instead of building an extra bedroom on your home’s main level, why not consider converting that unused attic space into a comfy loft?

Not only is this is a unique variation of your typical home addition, it is also one that promises a healthy return on investment. With this particular project, you can reasonably expect an ROI of around 70%, which is very good compared to conventional remodels.

What are some other unique home additions I should consider?

  • Entertainment room – we have all dreamed of having our very own theater/game room, but what is stopping you from making it happen? With the help of Peak, this miniature escape can come to fruition far easier than you might have thought!
  • A dedicated office – if you are sick of working on your laptop at the dining room table, it might be time to invest in that long-awaited office. Individuals who work from home also gain the added of benefit of the home office tax credit, too!
  • Pantry – you cannot go wrong with stocking up on canned food and other non-perishables; a pantry is the perfect place to store emergency items, as well as to free up space in your kitchen cupboards.
  • Laundry room – washing and drying clothes in the bathroom closet can get old over time. Why not upgrade the space for this weekly chore to something a bit more functional?

For more interesting ideas and to schedule a hassle-free consultation, get ahold of the professional Middletown home addition builders at Peak, today!