Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Middletown, New York

Considering that remodeling a kitchen is a significant project, Peak Construction is available in Middletown to help you from start to finish.  Whether you want to replace your countertops, or you want to move your kitchen to the center of your home as a family gathering spot, we can help you realize your ideas.

Flooring choices are vast.  Once you decide on a budget for the flooring in your kitchen, you should have options that are in your price range to narrow down.  You can choose everything from vinyl to slate depending on your budget, and Peak Construction can install it.

Wood Flooring
There are many different types of wood flooring.  Not only do you have different types of wood, but you can also use recycled woods, repurpose wood for your floors, or use something that looks like hardwood flooring!  Bamboo is also usually in the category of wood floors, even though it isn’t wood.

Porcelain Tile Work
When done well, tile work is a unique and beautiful way to express who you are in the flooring of your new kitchen.  You can make something unique, colorful, artistic, or sleek and just one color.  You can also match the tiles of your backsplash or countertop to your flooring to create a design that flows.

Whether you go with a vinyl sheet of flooring or engineered vinyl that looks like wood, it is a great way to keep within a tight budget and still have a floor that is easy to clean.  You should also use vinyl if you’d rather update the rest of the kitchen with a bigger budget.

Like flooring, the materials you can use for your countertops are many.  You should already have some idea of what you may want by looking at pictures or choosing a material that you’ve always wanted like copper, soapstone, or slate.  While unique, these materials transform kitchens and give them personality.

If you plan on keeping your kitchen in the same location and mainly the same design but just changing the look of your kitchen, then you can reface your cabinets and have them look new but use the structure of your existing cabinets.  You can also paint and replace the knobs to give your kitchen a great new look that costs little.  If you want a custom kitchen, then custom cabinets will provide you with that perfect fit and look that you desire.

A Whole New Kitchen
Peak Construction offers the residents of Middletown the experience of our team members and contractors to make sure your unique kitchen remodeling project works out great.  We will be there from start to finish whether you need to move a wall, build an addition, or tear out a spare closet to expand your kitchen.  No matter what you want to do, we will try to make it happen within the walls of your Middletown home.