Garage Conversions in Mount Kisco

Custom Garage Conversions in Mount Kisco

The garage is an area in many households that is used to store vehicles, home decor for the year, lawn mowers, and other tools. However, some families do not need space for these items.
A customized garage space provides ample opportunities. It could be used to create income with a rental apartment or serve as a new entertainment space for the entire family. Every family and homeowner will have a different vision for their Mount Kisco garage conversion. The team at Peak Construction can help bring each unique vision to life.

Luxurious Space for Your Car

It may be necessary for some families to scale down or do away with their garage space entirely when they remodel their homes, but that is not the only option. You can also design a customized space for your vehicles that includes ample storage. Peak Construction will provide custom-designed cabinets to ensure items that may be cluttering up your garage can be put away and off the floor. You may also consider adding protective epoxy to the floor of your garage. This epoxy serves as a great addition to your garage aesthetically, but it also protects against damage, spills, and debris.

Better Workspace

Some hobbies and activities, such as antique car restoration or art, can get messy. A workspace in the garage is ideal for these kinds of activities. Customized additions for your space help you create a work area that is inviting and also fully functional. Working with the experts at Peak Construction provides you with design insight, cabinets and built-ins that are fully customized, and proper installation. We will guarantee that your Mount Kisco garage conversion is exactly what you need.

Additional Living Space

Not every family needs space for cars in their garage, so they choose to create new livable space in that area instead. This can be accomplished by converting a two-car garage into a single-car garage or making the entire garage into a living area. Adding the living space could provide an income opportunity with a rental property or allow you to create your perfect home gym. The team at Peak Construction will work with you to reach all of your goals, no matter what they may be.

Increased Home Value

When you choose to remodel any part of your home, it is important to consider how the changes will impact the value of your home. A garage remodel can significantly increase the value of your home. If all permits are correct, the space meets proper building codes, and the work is high quality, a remodeled garage could allow you to recoup up to 80% of your remodel costs in home value once the work is completed.

Local and Reliable Service

We work with a team of general contractors who are all local. Unlike companies based out of town, this means we can provide you with personalized attention and be easily accessible to you. Our team is available for consultation throughout the entire garage conversion process and will be sure to give special attention to the fine details. We consistently produce quality work that speaks for itself, but we also have reviews available from your friends and neighbors.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

You can be assured your Mount Kisco garage conversion will last for years because we only work with the highest quality materials. We also have strong relationships with well-known manufacturers, so you can be sure your project will be completed to the highest standards. Whether your garage is simply new storage space or a brand-new home gym, we pay attention to every small detail to give you the garage you deserve. We are happy to take on your garage remodel, large or small, to make sure we create a custom space to meet all of your needs.

Garage Conversion in Mount Kisco

The experts at Peak Construction are ready to make your vision come to life, whether you need the perfect space for your hobbies or want to store your vehicles in style. Our team of local contractors is familiar with the necessary building codes and permits in the area to ensure the work is done right the first time. Our projects are backed by our reliable workmanship guarantee, as well as reviews from thousands of happy customers. If you are looking for a garage renovation contact our team today.