Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Mount Kisco, New York

Whether you want a new bay window to enjoy the view better, or you need to remodel your kitchen because you’ve never liked the way it looks, Peak Construction is available to help you with your project!  Consider our team of experts for all your kitchen construction projects, so you know the job gets done right the first time.

Flooring can be anything from stone to bamboo and is usually picked with a budget in mind.  Unless you know what you want and are willing to spend what it costs to get it into your kitchen, then you may need to look at your budget and make some decisions on the type of flooring that works best for your needs.  If you choose a unique material, consider the foot traffic and how well the material stands up to appliances, scratches, and spills.

Refacing Cabinets
If you want to save a little money and time, consider refacing your cabinets if they are going to stay in the same place.  It is much easier to reface cabinets than it is to reinstall or create custom cabinets.  It is also more budget-friendly to reface cabinets.  You can have cabinets that look new with a lot less expense.

You can repaint cabinets to get a completely new look.  Many people may not even notice that they are the same cabinets.  Replacing the drawer pulls and handles are also a cheap alternative to new cabinets and these new small items can make a big impact!

Custom Designed Cabinets
If you are ready to build your dream kitchen and want cabinets that fit your home perfectly and have unique qualities, then you should consider custom cabinets for your project.  There are many kinds of wood that work well to complement the design of any home.  Consider other materials when you want a unique kitchen!

Not only will Peak Construction install your new flooring, cabinets, and backsplash, we will also install your new countertops.  Whether you want granite slab, marble, recycled glass, or wood, we have you covered.  We’ve worked with all types of countertops from custom to standard and can make sure you have a look you want appropriately installed.

A Kitchen Redesigned
Sometimes people who want to remodel have a vision for what they want, but they can’t figure out how to make it fit in the home they have.  At Peak Construction, our job is to incorporate your vision into a logical design, so you have some of what you want, everything you need, and it all fits into the space you have.  If you have the budget for the project you want to start, then all you need is a design that can bring your ideas to life.  If you have a plan but it won’t work because of walls, plumbing, or other structural issues, we can still look at it and try to incorporate the best parts of your design into your new kitchen!