New Paltz Home Remodeling Contractors

Come home to quality craftsmanship

Your home is much more than just the place where you eat and sleep, unwind at the end of the work day, or make a cup of coffee to start the next one. It is the foundation by which you are making unforgettable memories, a place that your children will always remember as they grow old, one you will never forget. A house is only a home when someone attaches a legacy to it.

Building your dreams one board at a time

At Peak Construction, we are bound and determined to preserve your legacy, and we do so by providing New Paltz home remodeling services that truly are second to none. Construction is what our firm does, not what our firm is. We consider ourselves life-changers in the sense that what are crew is building is not new kitchens, bathrooms, or master bedrooms, but rather the amazing memories that come with them.

20 years is how long Peak has been serving the residents of New Paltz. In this time, our crew has worked on countless residential remodeling projects, ranging from small, one-off bathroom upgrades to extensive main floor renovations.

Since Peak Construction employs some of the most skilled crew members in the region, and outfits them with top-notch equipment, our remodeling capabilities are not at limited. At this point, you may curious about the kinds of projects our team has worked on, as well as what your renovation options are.

Can you give me some examples of Peak’s past remodeling work?

  • Interior design work – this can be anything from wallpapering to door/window repair and replacement to swapping out kitchen and bathroom appliances. In terms of renovations, these jobs tend to be very popular among homeowners.
  • Comfort projects – from soundproofed walls to an upgraded heating and cooling system, Peak is fully equipped to boost your home’s existing comfort levels.
  • Safety enhancements – storm shelters, security doors, and other related installations are available upon request. Peak has performed a number of these residential remodels over the years, so do not hesitate to inquire.

Locally owned and operated, Peak Construction is the certified contractor of choice by many homeowners in New Paltz. To find out more about what we do and how we do it, contact us via phone or email. Thanks for considering Peak for your home remodeling needs!