Garage Conversions in New Paltz

Custom Garage Conversions in New Paltz

For many families, the garage is simply a space to store tools, lawn care items, seasonal decorations, and vehicles. Not every family requires space for those items, though. The experts at Peak Construction will work with you to create a fully customized garage space to meet your needs.

A custom garage offers many opportunities for you as a homeowner. You could create an income stream with a small apartment, design a new living space for your family, or simply add more organization and storage to your home. Every homeowner has a different dream for their New Paltz garage conversion, and Peak Construction is ready to make those dreams a reality.

Luxury Car Space

Some families may choose to downsize their garage when working on a remodel, but there are plenty of other options. You could easily create a space for your vehicles that also provides additional storage and organization. This is a great way to ensure all of the items that crowd your garage floor are put away. It would also let you add a protective epoxy to your garage floor. This epoxy looks great while also preventing spills or debris from ruining the cement.

A Better Workspace

Some activities can get messy, such as restoring antiques or woodworking, and a custom garage can provide the perfect workspace for them. Our experts will help you design custom additions to guarantee that your new garage space is both welcoming for you and guests and functions so that you can complete your work well. The Peak Construction team can provide design advice, custom storage and built-ins, and expert installation for your New Paltz garage conversion.

New Living Space

You may no longer need space to store a vehicle, so you could easily convert a two-car garage into a space for one car or even do away with parking your vehicle in the garage. A converted garage can provide new livable space for your family. This living space could be purely for entertainment, such as a home theater, or provide additional income, such as with a hobby or a separate apartment that can be rented out. No matter what you want your custom garage to be, the Peak Construction team can make it happen.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

Remodeling or converting a garage space is a large investment, and it is important to know how it may impact the value of your home. In many homes, the significance of the garage is overlooked unless it has been made into a functional space for the family. Garage remodels that are done well with proper permits, building codes, and quality work can recover up to 80% of the renovation costs in your home’s value.

Service That’s Local and Reliable

Peak Construction works with a team of local general contractors, which means they are easily accessible for you, unlike contractors based elsewhere. Our team is available for consultation throughout the entire process, and we offer the personalized attention you want with a remodeling project. Creating a custom garage space is important for you as a homeowner, so we want to ensure we give every detail the proper attention. We produce quality work that speaks for itself, but we also have reviews from many of our customers who loved our work.

Only Quality Craftsmanship

We only work with the highest quality materials, so we can guarantee that your garage renovation will last. Our relationships with the most trustworthy manufacturers also ensure you never have to worry about the quality of work we do. Your garage is an important space in your home, and we want it to meet all of your needs. The experts at Peak Construction will work with you to create your custom garage, no matter the size of the project.

New Paltz Garage Conversion

There are endless possibilities with a custom garage, and our team wants to work with you to make your dream garage a reality. Our local general contractors already know the permitting process and building codes, so you can be assured your project is completed properly. The work we do is backed by our workmanship guarantee and the word of thousands of satisfied customers. Contact us today to get started with your custom garage conversion.