Smoke & Fire Restoration in New Paltz

Every year, thousands of homes and businesses are destroyed by fires. Perhaps one of the worst natural disasters known to man, there is always a lot at stake when it comes to smoke and fire restoration work in New Paltz. If the flames do not destroy your belongings, the aftereffects of the fumes will. Let the professionals at Peak Construction remedy the situation efficiently and effectively, as we have done so for residents in the area for over 20 years.

Trust is what we build the best

Without question, it is imperative that you hire a qualified contractor immediately after your local fire department has done their job. The longer you wait, the more at risk your property will be for total loss. If you are wondering how this might be, just know that the toxins and contaminants in smoke can permeate most materials quite quickly.

The smell of charred wreckage never goes away, which means if you do not react fast by hiring a certified restoration specialist, you will have to toss more of your valuables to the garbage. Given the circumstances, using the right company is an absolute must. Here are a few items to consider when making the choice to hire a local New Paltz smoke and fire restoration firm!

What you should know about selecting a restoration expert

  • Make sure they actually specialize in restoration – many home and business owners confuse janitorial service and carpet cleaning companies with those that work specifically on restoration job sites. The latter are trained and equipped to remove debris that has been caused by fire and other natural disasters, and they thus have the tools and experienced required for effective clean-up.
  • Verify their credentials – in addition to having a valid license, sufficient insurance (workers comp and general liability), and a list of references, you should ask the contractor for proof of certification.
  • Know what types of projects they handle – some restoration firms specialize in either residential or commercial jobs, while some like Peak do both. As an all-purpose New Paltz contractor, we have helped many home and business owners.

Just because your property has been damaged by a fire does not mean it cannot look like new again. Give the trusted experts at Peak a call today to learn how we can help you.