Water Damage Restoration in New Paltz

Water damage is rarely easy to contend with, especially when all you can think of is how much the final bill will be for all the upcoming repairs. Flooded basements, burst mains, and leaking roofs have all been the source of much stress and despair, but your worries do not have to stay around forever.

Whatever it takes to get the job done

With the right contractor, you can keep problems pertaining to water damage to a minimum, and that is where your friends at Peak Construction come into play. For 20 years and counting, our crew of qualified construction specialists has assisted customers in and around New Paltz with their restoration service needs.

Believe us when we say we have seen how bad water problems can be; it does not take much to cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage, so the best thing you can do is get in touch with a certified expert as soon as possible.

There is much more to these emergency situations than many people realize, namely the fact that if left untreated, the higher than normal moisture levels can lead to the growth of harmful mold and mildew. These substances are known to spread very rapidly and thrive in damp environments.

That being said, you want a contractor who will take the time to thoroughly clean each affected area of your home or office, and test the region multiple times to ensure every drop of water has been dried up. To stress the importance of taking these matters as seriously as they should be, below is a brief overview of the most common effects of water damage.

How water affects your home and business

  • Class 1 – light levels of moisture absorption – most furniture and possessions can be salvaged in these situations.
  • Class 2 – evaporation rates are a lot faster, meaning carpet, upholstery, and other materials are at a high risk of destruction.
  • Class 3 – the fastest rate of evaporation occurs with this class of water damage; as such, the sources tend to be malfunctioning sprinkler systems and burst plumbing lines.
  • Class 4 – the worst of the worst, these projects necessitate professional intervention that involves specialty cleaning and restoration work.

To be clear, Peak Construction is completely capable of handling all classes of residential and commercial water damage. To consult our New Paltz water restoration staff, feel free to call or email anytime.