Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Newburgh, New York

If you are ready to have your kitchen remodeled at your Newburgh home, Peak Construction is available to help you with all the details.  We can assist with everything from choosing the components of your new kitchen, design, and what materials will work best for your lifestyle.

Whole Kitchen Redesign
If you plan to have an entirely new kitchen when the remodeling project is finished, then there are several components and design considerations to plan.  Not only will you need to budget for all the supplies and labor, but you will need to consider the new appliances and furnishings you want to match the design of your kitchen.  Alternatively, you may just want to change a few things and have the same layout.

When you have a floor that is old or doesn’t look good any longer, sometimes replacing it can help you have the kitchen you want.  Changing old flooring or installing flooring that is of a different type of material can help you obtain the new style you want.

Vinyl is an easy type of flooring if you like designs but don’t want to deal with the installation or maintenance.  It is also a great choice if you plan to remodel a kitchen that you don’t usually use, such as in a guest house.

Wood or EVP Countertops
Whether you want original hardwoods brought back to life or engineered vinyl plank that looks like wood, both can highlight your kitchen’s modern or traditional design.

Porcelain tiles are great when you want to incorporate an artistic piece into the kitchen floor.  While tile is a little bit harder to maintain than some other materials, it does deliver a custom look that many enjoy.

If you like slate, granite, or marble, we can help you get the look from stone flooring you want in your new kitchen.  Slate is one of the most popular stones to use for flooring because of its vibrant colors, and it is slip-resistant.  Marble and granite tend to cater to those who want a modern look or luxury kitchen in their Newburgh home.

Countertops are another component of a kitchen that can change the look and ultimate design. You can use almost any material to create custom countertops.  While some options are harder to install than others, if you have the counters you want, it is always worth it.  Consider copper, stone, or stainless steel for unique countertops in your Newburgh home.

If you have wooden cabinets, it is easy to repurpose them by painting, adding different hardware, or refacing them to save on your budget.  If you want custom cabinets built for your kitchen, this is a great way to make sure the fit and style are as perfect as it gets.  If you check your budget and realize that you need to cut a few costs once everything is included, using your existing cabinets and changing what you have can help you save for the other things you need.