Smoke & Fire Restoration in Newburgh NY

Newburgh fire disasters are easily one of the scariest catastrophe that many property owners can ever endure. What’s worse is that recovering from such an incident can be equally as painful and stressful as the disaster itself. Even though the fire’s been put out and the fire trucks have left, you still have the burned and charred remains of your property and belongings to deal with.

What can you do about it? How ‘bout giving us a call?
The first step to restoring your fire-damaged property is choosing a professional fire and smoke restoration company whom you can depend on. Peak Construction is the choice of many residential and commercial property owners in the area when it comes to such services, and has been so for that last few decades.

Some other companies may have the same equipment we have and offer the same services that we do, but what really sets us apart from them is our commitment to serving you. When you trust us with restoring your property after a fire, we do so with you in mind.

We don’t just rebuild houses. We help rebuild lives, too.

Restoration Services for Fire and Smoke Damaged Properties
If it used to exist in your property, we can rebuild it. We have the most reliable and skilled professionals in our staff who are equipped with the latest and most innovative tools and equipment to get every fire and smoke damage restoration project completed in a timely and efficient manner.

We focus our efforts and energy in ensuring that every project is done in accordance to the details and specifications that you requested. We include a comprehensive scheduling process into our planning process to ensure that your property is restored without delay. We’ll keep you notified and informed of our progress right from the start until the finish.

Here at Peak Construction, we know how important it is for you to get your property back in its pre-loss condition the soonest possible time, and that is what we guarantee you. This promise is what motivates us to provide precise and accurate restorations that will make you feel as if that unfortunate fire incident never happened.