Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Nyack, New York

When you are ready to start remodeling your kitchen at your Nyack residence, Peak Construction is available to walk you through the process if needed.  We have skilled contractors that know about remodeling and can help you make decisions based on your ideas for an updated kitchen.

A Total Remodel Job
If you want your whole kitchen redesigned from top to bottom, we can come to your home and determine if we need to knock out walls or move things around to make sure it fits.  If you want to keep the layout of the existing kitchen and just update it, we can replace the floors, countertops, cabinets, and other kitchen components to make it a better space for you.

Kitchen Cabinets
If you install them yourself, kitchen cabinets can end up being a hassle that you wish you hadn’t tried to do yourself.  We can make sure your cabinets fit by taking the appropriate measurements and having our team install them quickly and efficiently.  If you’d rather update your existing cabinets, we can help you customize them to make sure they fit well with your new design.

The right flooring is essential in kitchen design.  You want something that flatters the whole design of your kitchen while it stands up to spills and scratches.  The budget you have for flooring will determine what type of materials you can use, and then you can narrow your options down to one.

Wood and Bamboo
Woods and grasses are warm and inviting because they have unique and natural tones that tend to bring in the peacefulness of the outdoors. If you already have hardwood flooring in your older home, consider reusing it or saving it for other projects.

Tile is a great way to have a custom floor and enjoy it for years to come.  While tile takes a longer time to install than most flooring, the results are unlike any other kitchen if you want the design to be unique.  You can also opt for a more modern or ultramodern look and make all the tiles the same color.

Vinyl is an excellent option if you want to replace an older floor, and you are on a budget.  It is also cheap to install and easy to maintain.

If you don’t like your old countertops, we can install new ones using virtually any material you like.  If you want an unusual material, it can easily be sealed with lacquer to create a custom piece.  There are many ways to build countertops made of materials from wood to stone or copper!  If you know what material you’d like to use for your countertops, we can let you know the process and how we would install it in your kitchen.  You may want to go with standard updated countertops like granite slab or granite tile for the more budget-conscious.  No matter what you choose, we will try to make your ideas for your countertops a reality.