Smoke & Fire Restoration in Ossining

Fire accidents can be really frightening and traumatic – very few experiences can match the fear of losing your life or that of someone you love and at the same time watching your property and investments engulfed in flames. However, life must go on, and one of the most effective ways to cope up with the devastating effects of a fire accident is by getting back to your feet and starting all over again – beginning with your house.

After the flames have been doused and the trauma wears off, it is important that you start the restoration process right away. This will help to mitigate the harmful after effects that smoke and fire can inflict on the remainder of your property. In order to properly do this though, you will need the help of a trusted and reliable Ossining restoration company like Peak Construction.

All our technicians here at Peak Construction are well-trained and skilled in various facets of smoke and fire restoration. With knowledge and tools, our technicians identify all damages under your floors, behind your walls, and in your ceilings. We can identify even the minutest of problems, and if we believe that this problem compromises the integrity of the structure in any way, we’ll be sure to remove, clean or have it sealed off to avoid further accidents.

Peak protects your home, business, and family
Our smoke and restoration process can start immediately as soon as the authorities say that the property is safe and secured. We’ll inspect the accident area and assess the extent of the damage therein, as well as give you a brief rundown of the things that can still be repaired and restored.

Once you are informed of the tasks we intend to undertake, we can start working on cleaning up the area, removing any charred and burned material and debris that are no longer useful and can inflict physical damage to you and your family. We’ll then start cleaning the smoke and soot stains and deodorizing and disinfecting the affected area.

When all is done, we review every nook and cranny – under the floors, behind the walls, and in the ceilings to make sure that everything is in order. We work rapidly and efficiently, because we understand that the longer the smoke and soot acids remain present, the more damage it will cause to your property.

Don’t wait for the after effects of fire damage to completely ruin what’s left of your old home. If you want to learn more about how we can help rebuild your damaged Ossining home and build it back to its once great condition, send us a message or call us right away – we’re available 24/7 to respond to your needs.