Peak Cleans Up Sandy’s Mess

Peak Cleans Up Sandy’s Mess

IMG_0507A little over a year after Hurricane Irene swept through the Hudson Valley, leaving behind a trail of destruction, the area was struck by another powerful tropical storm, Hurricane Sandy. With wind gusts of up to 90mph, Sandy toppled power lines, flooded whole towns and was responsible for an estimated $18 billion dollars in economic losses in New York alone.

Following the effects of Hurricane Sandy, Peak Construction was in action helping homeowners repair damaged property and managing home insurance restoration claims. With well over 100 clients throughout the region, Peak had its hands full trying to restore a sense of normalcy to people’s lives.

Two of the most common issues in the area were wind damage and damage caused by trees falling onto homes. In order to provide the most efficient and sensible response, Peak Construction had to triage claims and give priority to the most serious situations. Another challenge was accessibility to homes at the beginning of the ordeal. Downed power lines and flooded streets created significant impediments for our workers.

Peak dispensed emergency crews immediately, made up of our best men, to mitigate the initial effects of the damage. Then, we sent crews of 2 or 3 men to visit individual claims. Many times the repairs were simple and moved quickly, such as a blown off gutter. Others were a bit more difficult. By December, most of the damage in the Hudson Valley had been adequately handled, and power was restored to everyone affected.

Peak Construction works with many insurance companies for homeowner’s claims including State Farm Insurance. We have been a State Farm Premier Service Program vendor for three years, have over 16 years of experience and have a comprehensive work portfolio that illustrates that we are a professional, reliable and organized construction team.

IMAG0859Experiencing damage to your home or personal property can be a confusing and emotional process, especially after a disaster with the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy. Peak Construction has an emergency team that is always available to respond to the effects of these regrettable incidents. By taking steps to immediately address the issue, you can better position yourself for a full home recovery, even in the wake of the most devastating misfortune.