Peak Construction | Is Winter the Right Time to Hire an Architect?

Peak Construction | Is Winter the Right Time to Hire an Architect?

Is Winter the Right Time to Hire an Architect?

If you’re considering an addition to your home, remodeling, or building a custom home, you may be unsure when you should make those dreams a reality. The winters in New York can get frigid. However, now is a good time to talk with an architect. After New Year’s is when people are looking forward to spring building, and things can get busy.

Time to Plan

Talking about your construction plan with an architect doesn’t mean the building will begin immediately. Even if you come in with a design thoroughly planned out, there are still permits to get, details to finalize, materials to determine, and much more. 

All of these are things your architect will help you with or do for you, and they’ll also work with you on the planning and design of your project. Beginning in early winter gives you a leg up and some extra planning time if the weather doesn’t allow construction.

There Is Construction in Winter

Despite popular opinion, there is construction in the wintertime. As with anything, it depends on the weather conditions. Construction in the winter is often beneficial, as materials are in lower demand and can be cheaper.

Waiting Until Spring

You can, of course, begin planning come springtime. The downside to this is that many people start their planning at the same time, and you may be hard-pressed to find an architect who is not incredibly busy. This could delay the design and, therefore, the construction.

If you can utilize these cold months to work out initial designs, why not get started? Your dream construction project awaits.

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