Peak Construction | Natural Light in Your Custom Home

Peak Construction | Natural Light in Your Custom Home

Natural Light in Your Custom Home

As you work through the design portion of putting together your custom home, you want to be sure you’re considering how the sunlight factors in. Allowing daylight to highlight your home will help it look its best and connect you with the world outside.

Benefits of Natural Light

Creating pathways for light can make your home look beautiful and full of life, but there are other benefits, too, such as:

  • Energy savings. Plenty of windows can lower your energy costs in the winter, as your home will have much more light. Windows in each direction, including skylights, can reduce the need for lightbulbs at almost all times of the day.
  • Health benefits. Having plenty of access to natural light can help reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve your mood.

Maximizing Natural Light

For a vibrant and well-lit home, there are several decisions you can make to improve the creation and movement of light:

  • Color palette. Choosing bright and light colors will allow light to reflect through your house, while a dark palette will absorb light and make things dimmer. Reflective surfaces, like glass, mirrors, light-colored tables, and counters, will also help your home appear brighter.
  • House positioning. Aim to have your custom home placed in a way that harnesses the path the sun goes on throughout the year. You want to be sure you get lots of light coming into frequented rooms like your living room, kitchen, and dining room.
  • Window covers. You don’t want to block windows when you maximize natural light. Select window covers that can be easily rolled or pushed out of the way during the day. Also, ensure your design plan won’t have anything obstructing the windows, like dressers, bookshelves, or kitchen appliances.

Peak Construction: Your Custom Home Architects

Light is one way of many to make your house feel just how you want it. Get in touch with us at Peak Construction to design your dream home.