Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Peekskill, New York

Remodeling a kitchen isn’t a small project.  Even if all you want is to have new flooring and cabinets, it takes time to organize a budget, time, and accommodate contractors in your home.  Peak Construction is happy to walk you through the process of remodeling your kitchen, and we make sure to communicate with you until the end of the project.  No matter how big the change you want to make, we make sure that we show up with friendly and efficient service each day!

Kitchen Cabinets
New kitchen cabinets are a big part of remodeling a kitchen.  Whether you want customized cabinets, or you opt to have your cabinets refaced, new cabinets are always a great way to add to your new design.  You can also reface your current cabinets when you update your kitchen, which will save you money.

New Flooring for Your Peekskill Home
Flooring for your remodeled kitchen can come in several different materials.  Once you decide on a kitchen that reflects the style you want, then the materials that aid in that design should start to shine brighter when you make sit down to decide on what looks the best.

Consider remodeling a kitchen in your older Peekskill home by combining the old with more modern fixtures and finishes to create a modern farmhouse or eclectic design that brings in the history of the house and caters to modern updates.  When bringing together two styles or two different times in history, consider a dark tone wood floor to act as a background for the other components of your kitchen that have pops of color or light.

For a modern or luxurious look, choose a unique type of flooring, such as cork or a solid color of marble.

Just like flooring, countertops and backsplashes can be your pallet for creativity.  Bring in glass, wood, stone, or tile to create the exact design you’d like in a kitchen that reflects your personality and ideas.

Natural stone is a great way to personalize your countertops without having to be super creative or take on a project.  Granite, soapstone, marble, slate, and others all work well without needing much customizing.  They are the material that demands attention without requiring you to create the design.

If you want to work with a material that is all about your vision, consider tiles.  You can create designs that you want to be installed in your kitchen, with specific colors and have a place that takes on your creative personality.

Just like stone, wooden countertops demand attention and start many conversations because they are so unique, simple, and inviting.

An Entirely New Idea
If you desire to have a different layout for your kitchen, or you want to move your kitchen to another area in your Peekskill, NY, home, then consider meeting with one of our contractors to go over your designs and ideas.  We will look at the structure of your home and the new kitchen you want to make sure that everything is obtainable.