Water Damage Restoration in Peekskill NY

If you are a Peekskill home or business owner, you know how intimidating the thought of a burst water line or flooded basement can be. As fate would have it, thousands of people are victims to these tragic situations every year. Like most natural disasters, water damage deals quite an extensive blow, often causing subsequent harm after the initial destruction has occurred.

Peak…the solution for your water damage woes
Time is precious during these situations, and that is why you cannot afford to wait on an inexperienced contractor to conduct the cleanup and renovation work. Despite being a general construction business, Peak Construction specializes in a number of select services, including water restoration. In operation since the 1990s, we have helped a vast number of home and business owners in Peekskill and the surrounding region.

Unlike other types of projects, those involving restoration work necessitate timely, professional intervention. Also, given the potential gravity of the circumstances, there is very little room for error in this field.

To protect our clients’ best interest and keep their needs a priority at all times, Peak never allows its technicians to work on site until they have completed various, mandatory training exercises. Our staff is required to be certified as well, so you can rest assured knowing your home or office is being restored by expert hands.

Is everything OK once the standing water is gone?
Contrary to popular belief, visible water is just the immediate threat, not the sole one to be dealt with on restoration sites. It can take up to 48 hours after initial cleanup to fully dry the affected area, and even then moisture levels may still be dangerously high. Mold and mildew can and will strike within this time period; in most cases, these substances cause far more harm than the water itself.

Just when you thought things could not get any worse, you might have to hire a mold remediation specialist. Thanks to our prompt response times and excellent reputation for thoroughly restoring water damage in Peekskill, very few of Peak’s clients have needed to do this. We work around the clock to remove all traces of water and replace structural supports, and are available 24/7 for emergency service requests. What are you waiting for? Call the certified professionals at Peak Construction today for a free consultation!