Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Poughkeepsie, New York

Peak Construction offers professional contractors experienced in everything from new flooring to custom kitchen redesigns.  We are dedicated to giving you the best quality and friendly service with the maximum attention to getting the job done right.

Considering that there are many types of flooring that work well in a kitchen remodel, we are glad to help you choose the right options for your new space.  If you want to combine different types of flooring, you can create a unique space with different textures.

Engineered Vinyl Plank
If you want the look of hardwood floors in your updated kitchen, without the expense, then EVP is a great way to install a modern hardwood look to your space.

Porcelain Tile Work
If you want to design your own floor, using tiles will allow you to install a floor that reflects your unique style.  With the variety of designs and colors, you have plenty of creative space to obtain what you envision.

Sheet Vinyl
Sheet Vinyl comes in different colors and designs.  It is easy to clean and great for homeowners on a budget.

Slate, Granite, or Marble Flooring
Create a luxurious chef’s kitchen with natural stone flooring.  If you want to add elite flooring to your kitchen, consider using stone flooring to reflect the high-quality of your remodeled space.

Hardwood Floors
If you wish to repurpose old hardwood flooring or install new hardwood floors, our team can help you create a kitchen that incorporates the style you want with hardwood floors.

Cork and Bamboo
If you want flooring that is trendy and different, a cork or bamboo floor in your kitchen will get praise for the unique texture and look.

New Countertops in Poughkeepsie, NY
Whether you want standard countertops in your Poughkeepsie home, or something unique, we can help you find the right look for your newly remodeled kitchen.  Consider glass, wood, or concrete if you want to create a kitchen that begs for attention.  We also offer installation of granite and Corian for a modern and updated looking kitchen that is sure to please.

Replacing your cabinets is a great way to change the look and color of your kitchen without having to remodel the whole area.  If you don’t want custom or new cabinets, painted or refacing them is also an option.  If you are moving your kitchen to a new location or expanding the square footage of your kitchen, then consider new cabinets for a custom fit.

Redesigning Your Kitchen
If you want a completely different kitchen than the one you currently have, redesigning your kitchen to meet your needs and wants is a great way to incorporate more of your dream kitchen into the space you have available.  We offer help redesigning the space you have available or knocking out walls and expanding when it is possible and desired.  Whether you want an open floor plan in an older house or an updated chef’s kitchen to replace a standard layout, our team has the expertise to help you with any design, quality, and installation questions you have.