Rearrange. Redecorate. Remodel.

Rearrange. Redecorate. Remodel.

Maybe you’re saving up for that big home remodel, but in the meantime you want to do something to change things up. We’ve got a few ideas for you to think about when redecorating your home.

The first thing that most people think of when they want to redecorate is paint. It could be the entire room, or maybe just one wall. Accent walls are becoming more popular lately as they really draw your eye into the room while adding contrast. A central part of a room that most people choose to ignore is the ceiling. Try a deep color on high ceilings to make it feel cozier. For a smaller room, keep the contrast to a minimum to make your space feel bigger. If you like the idea of a patterned wall but aren’t exactly an artist, wallpaper can add texture.

DSC05448 If you’re looking for a smaller painting project with big results, try painting the trim white. Everyone will think you repainted the whole house! Chalkboard paint is becoming more popular and can be used to help organize grocery lists in the kitchen or ideas in an office.

DSC05537 If you want to brighten up your home but don’t want to add a window, try moving your mirrors around. Mirrors draw your eye and make the space feel bigger. Set up mirrors across from windows and in well lit areas to reflect light into darker corners. Try not to place them directly behind light sources because it may reflect the bulb and be too harsh, but perhaps on a wall beneath a chandelier or beside a sconce.

If you’d like to dress up the look of your light sources, go to Home Depot and pick up a new lamp shade. Or better yet, pick up some spray paint and paint an old shade; try black for a dramatic look.

Curb Appeal
Maybe you’re content with the interior of your home, but you want to spice up the exterior. curb appealThe most important part of creating a beautiful front lawn is making sure that it is well kept; replace broken light fixtures, clean the gutters, and mow the lawn. A simple way to draw attention from passersby is by painting your front door a color that pops. Also, adding a garden or some shrubbery creates a welcoming atmosphere.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can do simple things like add hardware to a garage door or put up new house numbers. For those creative types looking for a project, try painting your front stoop or staining your steps. Another way to show character is by adding a bird feeder, arbor or nice patio furniture to your lawn.

Quick Tips
Maybe your house just needs a little accessorizing, just a little something new.Picture 126 Glass cabinets can give kitchens a fresh look, or try removing the upper cabinet doors and arranging your dishes in an interesting way. For a conversation starter among guests, customize your coffee table by having a piece of plexi glass cut to fit your table top and arrange photos of friends and family underneath it.

The holidays are coming up so why not add a centerpiece to your dining room table. Living plants or flowers do nicely, drawing the eye of your 702423c1b322e9d7bf2f8789ede96b67guests while making the room smell fresher. Try adding a small piece of wicker or wooden furniture to your bathroom to give it more personality; make it something practical like a table or a chest that can be used to store extra towels or toiletries. To add a touch of class, decant bath salts, mouthwash, and q-tips and display them by your bathroom vanity.

Sometimes something as simple as a new paint job or a trick of the light can make a space feel brand new. So try your hand at redecorating, try a few of these small changes and when the time comes for that big remodel, Peak Construction is ready and waiting for your call!