Finding An Architect

When it comes to remodeling your home or building the home of your dreams from the ground up, you’ll spend a lot of time working closely with an architect. Together, you will lay out your vision, produce timelines, determine costs, and set the foundation for the project. Before starting your project, understanding the architectural process’s scope is beneficial.

How to Find An Architect?

Finding the right architect is a key step in ensuring the success and ease of your building project. You will spend a lot of time with your architect, so you should choose one with whom you can communicate easily and who shares your vision. When considering an architect, there are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you have references? – Before committing to a certain architect, asking for references is the perfect place to start understanding their work and process. Ask about prior clients and contractors. Then, take the time to follow up with those references. This will help you understand how dependable the firm is and the experience others have had.
  • Are you insured? – Make sure that you are dealing with an insured firm. It doesn’t hurt to ask what level of insurance they have as well.
  • How much time do you need from me? – Clients vary; some prefer to be hands-on, and some prefer to be hands-off. Establishing this with your architect can better understand your expectations and desires. From there, you can determine how often you’d like to meet, the best times to communicate, and your preferred method of communication.
  • What costs can I expect? – Finances are a major factor in any architectural project. It is important that the client and the architect can be fully transparent with one another. The client should be open about the budget, and the architect should be open about additional costs or anything that could put the project over budget.
  • Do you have any challenges or considerations about the project? – In your mind, a project can seem straightforward. Once it starts coming together, it may be more complicated than you assumed. It is important to work with your architect to see the big picture. They will often have insight into the construction, permits, and design challenges you aren’t aware of.
  • Who’s on my team? – When working with an architectural firm, there are often many people who will be involved in the project. Take the time to understand who they are and what they will be doing. It also helps to be clear on who you can speak with if any concerns or issues arise.
  • What is your role with the contractor? – Once the project officially begins, much of the project will be in the hands of the contractor. It is important to know what further role your architect plans to take. Will they be dealing with the contractor, or does that role fall to you?

Before your project begins, it is crucial to understand all the moving parts clearly. You want an architect who will be able to see your vision. You want a contractor with experience and references to back it up. You also want someone who understands your budget and can anticipate any concerns that could arise during construction.


What to Ask When Hiring An Architect