Hopewell Junction, New York Commercial Snow Removal

Snow Plowing Services Hopewell Junction, NY

If you have a commercial location in Hopewell Junction, NY, then you need snow removal services during the winter months.  Whether you have sidewalks that need quick attention regularly, or a large piece of land that needs to have the snow and ice maintained, Peak Construction has the equipment and skilled team to tackle any snow and ice removal job.  Whether your property needs plow trucks, sanders, ice spreaders, or a backhoe, we’ve got you covered.

Snow Plowing

We have equipment ready to plow snow for Hopewell Junction businesses 24/7.  We will make sure that your land is cleared and ready for business after each snowfall.  You shouldn’t have to worry about your parking lot after a big snowstorm.  We’ll make sure you have the space you need for your customers to park and get inside your building safely.

Sidewalk Management

Managing your sidewalks is vital to make sure that your clients, customers, employees, and delivery people remain safe in icy or snow-packed conditions.  We have everything needed to melt the ice and get rid of the accumulated snow so that everyone entering your building can do it without hassle.  Contact us to talk about all the services you need and get on our sidewalk management schedule.

Ice Management

Ice is not only dangerous on sidewalks it is also hazardous in your parking lots and in any area on your property that people usually walk.  Taking care of the ice on your property is vital so that you aren’t liable for injuries that happen because of the lack of ice management outside of your company.  Whether we need to bring our truck to spread sand and allow traction on the ice in parking lots, or ice spreaders to treat your sidewalks and other pathways, we will show up and make sure you have a safe location.

Determine Your Snow Removal and Ice Management Needs:

  • Consider when people are at your property. If you have a warehouse that employs workers 24/7, then you should have ice and snow management as soon as the need arises.
  • Where would you like the snow on your property stored? Do you have a specific area that is safe to have a snowbank?
  • How much of the space around your commercial location is public? Are you responsible for caring for these areas in the winter months?
  • What are the services you’d like, and do you need additional services if one of your employees isn’t available to do the sidewalks?

Peak construction offers the area of Hopewell Junction professional and effective services for snow and ice removal needs.  If you have a business in the area, we can assess your winter needs and determine the services that benefit your location in the winter months.  Contact us with any questions about the equipment or processes we use to make sure your business has the services it needs promptly.