Wappingers, New York Commercial Snow Removal

Peak Construction offers commercial snow removal and ice management for your location in Wappingers, NY.  No matter what kind of property you have, Peak Construction has team members with the skills, and knowledge of snow removal equipment, to get the job done in a timely and proper manner.  We also pride ourselves on having the right equipment, so you have efficient service.

Snow Plowing

We have the trucks and the ability to get your property cleared fast!  If there is a snowstorm, we can make sure your driveways, parking lots, and receiving areas are free of snow, so your business keeps functioning well.  We will make sure that the snow is stored in a safe space and treat the walking areas that are slick once we are done plowing.  No job is too big or small for Peak Construction.  Call us to have our snow removal services 24/7.

Sidewalk Management

Sidewalk management is a worry when the weather gets cold, and ice starts to form.  Snow can also accumulate over a layer of ice making a sidewalk a hazard to anyone walking on it.  We offer snow removal and ice management for your sidewalks so that you provide a safe way for visitors to get into your building.  We are also available if your maintenance crew can’t handle the workload after a big storm or weather that keeps everyone at home!

Ice Management

You may have ice on your sidewalks and parking lot or driveways, making the likelihood of an accident high.  Consider us to maintain your parking and common walking areas so that you provide a safe environment despite the freezing weather.  We can use ice spreaders and sand for areas on your commercial property in Wappingers as needed.  Talk to us about adding your business to our schedule for ice management.

How to Determine the Snow and Ice Removal Needs for Your Business:

  • Consider the areas you need services and how fast you’ll need them serviced after a snowfall or storm.
  • Decide where you want your snow gathered after it is plowed.
  • Determine the areas you are responsible for that are city property.
  • Decide when your parking lots should have snow removal and ice management services based on when it is usually empty.
  • If you have a commercial location with employees, delivery personnel, or visitors during off-hours, then this needs to be addressed so that you have a safe environment 24/7.
  • If you have staff that takes care of the sidewalks or other areas at your business location, what is your plan if they aren’t available?
  • Are there special considerations that we need to take if we bring heavy equipment or plow trucks to your property?

Peak Construction offers snow removal services in Wappingers for those who own businesses.  If you have unique concerns or need custom snow removal and ice management service in Wappingers, NY, contact us for a professional assessment of your specific location.