Signs of Water Damage After a Fall Storm

Signs of Water Damage After a Fall Storm

Sometimes a fall storm can bring water inside your Hudson Valley, New York, home.  If you have flooding or water coming in through your roof, you may have water damage that you can’t see.  If you think you have water damage because of a mold or mildew smell, then we can find and repair the damage to your home.

Check Your Home for Water Damage

  • Look in your attic and along the walls and ceiling for signs of water leaks.
  • Check the joists and trusses in your home to makes sure they are dry. If you see some that are darker or wet to the touch, then you should inspect the rest of your home for water damage and schedule repair services for a leak.
  • Check your basement and foundation for water. Puddles of water around your foundation may mean that you have a problem with your gutters and drainage system.
  • Look at your roof and make sure your chimneys and the valleys of your roof aren’t damaged or have a buildup of debris.

Cleaning Up Water After a Storm

  • If water gets in your home after a storm, clean it as you would a spill.
  • Dry out furniture and remove items that are destroyed by the water.
  • If you have wet upholstery, have it professionally cleaned to get rid of dirty water and make sure it doesn’t mold or mildew.
  • Turn on your air conditioner or heater and make sure your windows are open to allow proper airflow. Having a breeze go through your home helps everything dry out.
  • If you have fans, use them to help everything dry faster.
  • Use a wet-dry vacuum to suck up water.
  • If you have wet carpeting, it may need to be removed so that the wood under it can be replaced.
  • Remove books, magazines, or other materials that can dye carpets, furniture, or fabrics when wet.
  • If you have a damaged ceiling, your home isn’t safe until you have it repaired. Consider a hotel or stay out of the room if the damage is isolated.
  • If your wood flooring is saturated, it will need replacement services.
  • After everything is dry, regularly check for mold. If you see or smell mold in your house, have repair services as soon as possible.