Six Home Design Trends of 2018

Six Home Design Trends of 2018

Many people are looking to the spring months of 2018 to start a new home remodel or renovation. Our experts at Peak Construction of Hudson Valley, NY compiled a list of what’s hot to help you as you make plans this year. Read on to learn what we found out about what’s new and what things just never seem to fade.

  1. Color Everywhere

Kitchen designers rely on white as a unifying color scheme that allows for flexible design choices. In 2018, expect designers to shy away from white in favor of rich variations, like warm mahogany, or simple neutral colors. Even the kitchen sink is drifting toward stone or copper finishes, hearkening back to a previous time. Experts see cooler neutrals falling away to rich warm hues and shades when it comes to accents or feature walls.

  1. Vintage Looks

Farmhouse or vintage design remains strong in 2018. If you’re looking at remodeling your bathroom, deep, durable trough and bucket sinks continue to be a popular choice. Other vintage looks staying strong in 2018 are metal-framed shower doors and antique-style bathtubs.

  1. Concrete Touches

Luxury stone surfaces have always been a popular look. In 2018, designers are turning to concrete as a more affordable, durable design choice. Many homes already use the surface for flooring or counters. Expect to see it used on many other surfaces, as well as light fixtures and furniture.

  1. Casual Bedrooms

In 2018 modern, minimalist choices will dominate the bedroom design scene. Gone are the bold, busy colors in favor of the neutral palettes previously seen in other spaces. Simple furniture and less clutter have moved into the bedroom!

  1. Mudrooms

Homeowners looking to add to space are eyeing the mudroom in 2018. This space often doubles with a laundry room and provides your family an alternative entrance to the front door. Designers also work unique storage options into the space to maximize it.

  1. Multi-Generational Living

Expect 2018 to have a lot of home modifications to help different generations live together happily. Remodels include more accessibility options, like pocket doors and wider hallways, or separate living spaces for multiple families.

If you’re planning on remodeling your home this year or adding on livable space, give Peak Construction of Hudson Valley, NY a call today to schedule a free estimate.