Smoke & Fire Restoration in Spring Valley

After recovering from the shock that comes after a fire accident, it is important to contact a reliable Spring Valley smoke and fire restoration company like Peak Construction in order to mitigate the effects of smoke and soot on your property. When these are delayed for days or weeks, items become permanently discolored and smoke acids will start to damage the affected surfaces.

The first two days are important since at this time, the devastating effects of smoke and soot are just starting to happen. If smoke and fire restoration is done within this time, many of the affected items and areas can still be restored to their pre-fire condition. After this time though, much of the soot acids will have already done considerable damage which will make the restoration process much harder and more expensive. This is in addition to the chemicals from the fire extinguisher or the water damage that came as a result of putting out the fire.

Thus, calling us for your smoke and fire restoration project a day after the fire is your best chance of getting your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Our Smoke and Fire Restoration Process

As part of our smoke and restoration service, we follow the following step and procedures:

  • Inspection and assessment of the extent of the fire damage
  • Immediate board up and tarp set up if necessary
  • Water removal and drying
  • Clean up and removal of soot stains from visible and underlying surfaces
  • Repair and restore any salvageable spaces

In each and every step of the process, we make sure to keep you updated with every progress that we make. We believe that this will help greatly in relieving the pains that came with the fire accident by letting you know that your property will soon be back to its pre-loss condition and you can once again enjoy its comforts.

Finding a reliable fire damage restoration service can be challenging, especially at a time when you have just been through a traumatic fire accident. Let us help ease the burden. With our expertise and experience, we are more than capable of helping restore your fire-stricken Spring Valley property back to its pre-accident condition. Call us today or leave us a message in our contact page – we are more than happy to discuss with you the processes and approaches we intend to apply in rebuilding your property.