Kitchen Remodeling in Staatsburg

Kitchen Remodeling in Staatsburg, New York

The kitchen is often referred to as the home’s heart; food brings people together. Whether you are looking to build on the memories of your family dinners or create a new space that allows Mom to bring back the flavors of your childhood, Peak Construction can help rejuvenate your kitchen into the space you have always envisioned. We can help you take that dark, drab, and outdated kitchen and create a modern, bright, and inviting space that will have you hosting your nightly cooking show. From floor to ceiling, we can help you choose the right design with the right aesthetics for the perfect custom kitchen.

Some of Our Remodeling Options

Flooring: It may not seem like the first detail you think of in the kitchen, but this surface is one of the largest in the room and gets the most use. Because of this, you want something that is going to hold up to all that wear and tear and last through every family meal. If you’re looking for vinyl, tile, cork, or any other option that will work in your kitchen, our design team can go over the multitude of options and prices that will give you the look and feel you want on any budget.

Countertops: Countertops, like flooring, come in many different options. While all are functional, the countertop comes down to the design and look you hope to achieve in your kitchen. Your counters can blend in or pop out with options like:

  • Granite. This option is the most popular type of countertop surface. With its many colors and designs, granite can add a touch of class to any kitchen and the durability to handle even the toughest recipes.
  • Concrete. While it may seem more for your driveway than your kitchen, this versatile material can create several options for your kitchen remodel. Concrete is your choice if the design is your priority and you have a color pallet that speaks to you. With the ability to mix colors into the concrete before it is formed into your counters, you can create any design pattern you’d like.
  • Wood or Bamboo. No doubt these materials will be the star of the kitchen. They are highly noticeable and conversation starters for anyone that comes to visit. Often darker in color, they can add warmth and comfort to your space for any gathering.
  • Glass or Tile. Like cement, these offer an array of stylistic options. Bringing colors and patterns into your kitchen is easy with either of these choices. Glass or tile can bring your counters from drab to fab with the perfect design elements.
  • Recycled Materials. No, this isn’t scouring your neighborhood and going through the bins at the end of the driveway. This is repurposing materials from other homes or even your own kitchen and giving them new life. New and modern is the trend, but repurposing and revitalizing materials that were once the star can make them that once again. Adding a classic style to your modern home creates a truly customized look that will make your guests jealous.

Cabinets: Cabinets complete the look of any kitchen redesign. The color and hardware choices bring the other design elements full circle by finishing the style you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a new layout for your kitchen, custom cabinetry is the way to go. It can bring both form and function by redefining the space. If your layout will remain the same, your current cabinets may just need a simple facelift with a little paint or resurfacing to add the colors, textures, and styles you’ve dreamed of.

The Complete Redesign

Your dream kitchen shouldn’t just be an idea; it should be a reality. At Peak Construction, our team knows the value of a redesigned Staatsburg kitchen for your home and your family. No matter your ideas, our team knows how to implement them into the custom kitchen you’ve always wanted. Because we care about the smallest details, all our projects prioritize luxury and style because we know that is what our customers come to expect. Whether it is revitalizing your current space or bringing you something new, our team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver a high-quality kitchen that will leave you counting the minutes until the next dinner bell.

Our team is here to deliver for you. We pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ expectations and exceeding them. Whether your kitchen project is big or small, we’ll help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Contact Peak Construction today, and let’s get cooking in your new Staatsburg kitchen.