The Benefits of Working with a Preferred Contractor

The Benefits of Working with a Preferred Contractor

Talk about an un-seasonal winter. With the recent warmer temperatures, it seems more likely for people to be doing a little work around the house or some landscaping than it is to go skiing on the weekends!

On a more serious note, we’d like to talk about something most homeowners will never have to deal with – but it can’t hurt to be well-informed. When a home is damaged or destroyed, it can be very traumatic to the homeowner. In addition to dealing with all the things that are associated with catastrophe, the homeowner has to figure out what the next step is. Who do they turn to? What is the process and who can they trust?

Before & After

Who the insurance company trusts
Of course the first thing you should do is contact your insurance company. Next, you will need to find a qualified trust-worthy contractor to do the restoration. However, your insurance company may have already done some of the leg-work for you. Companies like State Farm, MetLife, and Nationwide use preferred contractors– contractors that have met their stringent requirements, are qualified, and have a reputation for quality workmanship.

Some Preferred Contractor Requirements:

  • Must have  reputation for quality workmanship
  • Must have Certificate of Insurance, a business license, and a general contractor’s license
  • Must provide references from previous customers, banks and businesses
  • As many as half of the contractor’s completed jobs must pass a detailed inspection

Streamlining the process
When an insurance company chooses to work with a contractor, they train them on how to use their software. Their proprietary software allows the contractor to streamline the process of estimating and pricing, filing paperwork, receiving approvals, and funding the project through the various stages of construction. As a preferred contractor, Peak Construction has completed several restoration projects ahead of the 12-month standard.

Here’s the proof – real stories
So, now you know more about the process and what to expect. Let’s give some real-life examples of how it benefitted some of the homeowners that worked with Peak Construction, a preferred contractor for State Farm, MetLife, and Nationwide.

Peak Rebuilds Family Home in Less Than Four Months
When a fire destroys a home in Dutchess County, Peak Construction, a preferred contractor, rebuilds in less time than the 12-month standard.

peak-fire-restorationPeak Re-Constructs Home Destroyed by Fire
Because of Peak’s preferred contractor status, they were able to start work on this restoration project prior to receiving the initial payments from the bank and finished before the 12-month insurance cap on living expenses ran out.