The Different Types of Snow Removal

The Different Types of Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal is a process involving several steps. Without snow removal, it’s possible that your business will become inaccessible due to a winter snowstorm. Expert snow removal services can be used to keep your property safe and open, all throughout the winter. 

The 3 Kinds of Snow Removal Services

Snow removal can be broken down into three main categories, any of which can be used to increase accessibility and keep your property safe.

At Peak Construction, we provide all of these services to our clients.

1. Sidewalk Management

In order for customers or clients to safely enter your building, it’s essential that your sidewalk remains clear of snow and ice. Ice spreaders can be used to melt ice on your sidewalks; snow can also be shoveled away. No more need for your customers to climb over snow just to get inside your property. 

2. Snow Plowing

When snow builds up on your commercial property, this can lead to a host of inconveniences. Using snow plowing services, however, it’s possible for this buildup to be safely cleared away. 

Snow can be plowed away so that there’s open space in your parking lot, as well as any other important areas outside your business. 

3. Ice Management

Not only is ice a hassle, but it can also pose a danger to you and your customers. When there’s ice in your parking lot or along your sidewalks, you become liable for the hazardous conditions this creates. 

Using particular techniques and equipment, it’s possible for ice management services to be performed. For example, ice spreaders can be used in smaller areas, while sand trucks can help clear away larger areas. 

To keep your customers safe, don’t allow ice to linger on your commercial property – contact Peak Construction about snow removal services, as soon as possible. 

Commercial Snow and Ice Removal by Peak Construction

To take advantage of Peak Construction’s commercial snow removal services, just reach out to us through our website. We serve the Fishkill and Katonah, NY areas.