Tools For Your Whole Home Health Checkup

Tools For Your Whole Home Health Checkup

Peak Construction | Whole House Home Checkup

Your Hudson Valley home provides you with a comfortable place to live and is a valuable asset, but not performing regular upkeep may reduce both of these things. The maintenance of a home can never seem to end, but doing a few proactive checkups with specific tools will help to minimize the amount of work that your home needs. Checkups will often find things that need a small fix to prevent them from becoming a big problem later.


Check your foundation and basement for any wear and tear. Small cracks might not be something to worry about right away, but they can often become larger cracks that may allow water to make its way into your home and impact the stability of the foundation. A crack gauge may be a helpful tool to purchase as it can be relatively difficult to track the size of a crack in time. This tool acts like a ruler that can be attached to the wall to check the size of the crack. If it does start growing over time, it may be necessary to have it repaired. A foundation/basement inspection can also help find any potential problems.

Water Problems

Water is something that is so necessary to live, and must run through a home, but can cause so many problems and damage when there are leaks or other water problems. A tool that can assist with moisture in the home is a leak sensor. A leak sensor can be anywhere there might be a leak. Basements, behind appliances using water, bathrooms, attics and more. Some leak sensors can hook into your home network, and will send an alert when it detects water. Pretty amazing that you can get a computer or smartphone alert from your home. The alert can give you a chance to head off any water leaks in your home that can lead to water damage, flooding, mold and other problems.


At the very top of the home, is the roof and gutters. These provide vital services to your home. Did you know that your gutters can be a checkup tool for your roof? You are probably aware of checking for cracks and leaks in your gutter when you clean them out, but did you know there is something else you should be looking for in there? Asphalt shingles will break down over time with the layers sloughing off. If you find a large amount of shingle material in your gutters, that means that your roof may need some repairs with replacement shingles or even a new roof.

These tools can be helpful to assist you with the maintenance of your home. Check them out today.