The Top 6 Paint Colors That Will Grab Eyeballs in 2015!

The Top 6 Paint Colors That Will Grab Eyeballs in 2015!

Are you ready to perform the most exciting job?  Turning your old house into new by coloring the walls with one of the top 6 paint colors for 2015.  Of course, the indecision factor regarding the perfect colors and textures has been a crucial and difficult task, but none the less interesting.  It is a whole new opportunity to once again turn your dream of perfect house to reality. And what else can do that better than a color play makeover. Before you plan to dial the expert’s number to explore the world of colors, check out the most popular paint colors of 2015.


Guilford Green:

It is that auspiciously pristine and natural that there will be no second thoughts judging its potential. A silvery green, it will settle best with everything. So dip the brush and woosh it on the wall, for a happily ever after. Bring nature home and feel blessed.



 Vibrant Pink:

 While there is spread of mystical serenity around the  house  with soothing neutral  and natural green, vibrant  pink will  inject a  dose of intensity. The girly essence  can be  toned  down or enhanced with contrasting white  and  black  shades. This will be the biggest catch for the teenage  girls.



Sunny Side:

With a soothing effect and vibrancy, there is an inclination towards some confident and bright shades drawing from nature. A sunny shade will be the best option for brightening up your room with yellow. Using some pattern and texture preferably in stripes would add an air of sophistication and order.



 Ocean Blue:

Welcome the vastness and graciousness of dark blue and  oceanic tints to mirror the spacious effect. The ocean blue  and shades of darker blue will evoke a sense of sincerity,  confidence and loyalty. Considered to be purest color, it will  give add a heavenly effect.


Bold Myriad Hues:

How about evoking some tropical beach feel?  Even when you are miles away, the warm coral hues will be all thrilled and remain enthusiastic. Play with a splash of teal, turquoise, shades of purple, lime greens, and sunny yellows. You can also throw in a candy-coated feel or exhibit bursts of fuchsia while doing up the walls of your home.


 Citrus Inspiration:

You realize that a great paint selection can transform the house’s entire look, radiating it powers of vitality and vivaciousness!  So add the citrus shades to the color palette,  from lemon yellow to spring greens to eye-popping tangerine for an invigorating accent.



Make a choice from the 2015 paint color collection of trendsetting paint schemes and let your personal haven exude an aesthetic sense, defining your taste for leading life king-size.

Until next time – have a wonderful start to the New Year!