Wainscoting Adds Interesting Features and Dimension to Any Room

Wainscoting Adds Interesting Features and Dimension to Any Room

Wainscoting Adds Interesting Features to Any RoomAny room can be spiced up with a little woodwork.  Wainscoting has been around for a long time, and as long as it’s done right, can add interesting architectural features to any room of your home.  With a variety of styles, from traditional, mission or transitional it can fit anyone’s taste.  Deciding on what room to add this feature depends on your style. One frequent choice for adding wainscoting is the dining room, but it can often be found in your foyer, bathroom, office, or breakfast nook. This can be added to any room in your home where you feel it might benefit from a little extra pizazz to dress it up.

Some wainscoting options available are a chair rail, applied molding, and beadboard.

A chair rail is typically the molding that can be found along the perimeter of the room horizontally about a third of the way up the way.  Often, the walls are painted or wallpapered in different colors separated by the chair rail.

Applied molding is used with drywall to help give the wall a more 3D look to make it pop.  Typically this goes along the lower part of the walls in a room.

Beadboard is the paneling use for decoration that is narrow wood planks placed vertically on the wall.  Each of the planks will have an evenly spaced groove, also known as a bead, between them to make them look more interesting.  The V-shaped grooves are created by the two boards about two to four inches apart.  Beadboard usually runs halfway up the wall or goes along the ceiling in a home.  Often, this is used in mudrooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

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