Wear and Tear of Your Hudson Valley Home

Wear and Tear of Your Hudson Valley Home


Now that the cold days of winter are slowly moving on and signs of spring are blossoming all around us, it’s a perfect time to walk the exterior of your home and check to see if the harsh winter weather left any damage. Springtime is notorious for heavy rainstorms so locating and repairing any damage now is the best way to prevent additional damage.

The exterior of your home includes gutters, roof, siding, and windows. Any one of these areas could show signs of wear or damage. During the winter it is not uncommon for heavy winds to blow tree branches and debris around, which can cause some real problems for the outside of your home.

Here are some examples and how you might address them:

  • Siding: The siding on your home is designed to act as a protective shell and takes the brunt of the winter weather. Heavy rain beating against it, trees, and debris can scratch or damage the siding of your home. If the damage is fairly minimal, you can repair and/or paint your home’s siding yourself. Another thing to think about is giving your home a good power washing. For damages that are extensive it is best to contact a professional contractor.
  • Roof: Your home’s roof is essential to the structure and security of the house. During the winter it is not uncommon for strong winds to blow against the roof of your home and, depending on how old or worn the roof is, shingles can come loose or become damaged. It is always best to contact a professional contractor for roof repairs as this involves climbing a ladder and being on top of your home which can be dangerous if you are not familiar with the process.
  • Windows: The windows in your home are an important part of protection but, also insulation and keeping your utility bills low. If your windows were damaged during the winter, it is best to call a professional to replace or repair them. If a window is not repaired or installed properly it will leak and can lead to water damage.

Pick a sunny day this month and carefully walk the exterior of your home. Pay special attention to any signs of damage to the windows, roof, and siding of your Hudson Valley home. Also, don’t forget to check the integrity of your rain gutters and downspouts. Being proactive about locating and repairing any damaged caused by the winter weather can save you money and stress!