What to Ask When Hiring an Architect

What to Ask When Hiring an Architect

When you’re planning your luxury home, it’s essential to select the right architect or architecture firm. If your home isn’t well-designed by someone you can trust to make your vision a reality, your dreams can quickly fall apart at the seams. Before you make your selection, carefully interview each candidate and review their portfolio in depth.

What Questions Should I Ask an Architect?

For your interview process to reveal the best architect for your luxury home, you’ll need to ask the right questions. Here are a few inquiries you should be making before hiring an architect:

  • Can you provide an estimated timeline?

    For a project to run smoothly, your architect needs to have a realistic timeline to back it up. Make sure you know when the architect can get to work on creating your luxury home, as well as how long they believe the project will take to complete. Be sure to ask how they plan to ensure the project proceeds according to their timeline.

  • How much do you charge? What do your fees include? What isn’t included?

    Of course, it is essential to know the cost of an architect’s services before you hire them. However, even if you know the cost of their services, you need to be clear on what those fees pertain to. Don’t make assumptions regarding the services delivered, as this can lead to costly frustration down the line.

    Depending on the firm you hire, the level of service provided can vary from full service to builder sets and beyond. Examine the scope of your project, your budget, the level of development, and more to determine what makes sense for you.

  • How involved are you during construction?

    Different architectural firms will have different degrees of involvement in luxury home creation once the construction phase begins. Sometimes, a plan will be passed to the owner as soon as the design is complete. In other cases, the architect may provide continuous oversight over the course of construction. Determine which works best for your home project and find a firm that meets your needs.

Peak Construction Helps Build Luxury Homes

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