Garage Conversions in White Plains

Custom Garage Conversions in White Plains

The garage is a space in the home that is often overlooked, but is square footage in your home that has great potential to be a functional space that you can enjoy daily. If you are in the process of determining how you will redesign and remodel your garage, the contractors at Peak Construction in White Plains can help guide you through from start to finish.

Reinventing and rebuilding your garage is an opportunity to decide what is important to you, and to reconnect with your hobbies. For example, if your automobile and tools are essentials in your life, then Peak Construction can help you reorganize the space in a way that your valuables are properly stored and protected, and is accessible to you and your family. On the other hand, if you don’t have much that you need to store, and you are working on developing a new hobby, like woodworking or sewing, then consider transforming the garage space into a workshop. The team at Peak Construction can help you recenter your focus and dig deep into your passions to create the perfect garage space for you.

Space Being Put to Use

Some of our existing clients in the White Plains area were not using their garage space optimally. Many individuals will opt for transforming a two-car garage into a one-car garage and extend bedrooms or kitchens out into that existing space to open up the floor plan. Consider turning your two-car garage into a one-car garage and adding a separate two-car garage from the house. That way you can extend the laundry room and kitchen further, and even knock down walls to open up space in your home. This allows more room for cooking, cleaning, and living comfortably in your personalized space with the family.

Many homeowners also consider adding a single or double bedroom with an extra bath to plan for new family members, or guests. Expanding into your garage is a perfect way to keep the existing home that means so much to you, without having to feel cramped and uncomfortable as your family grows. Having an added living space is also an opportunity to make some extra space for guests, or rentals.

Taking Care of Your Valuables

The experts at Peak Construction are experienced in designing a space that can comfortably fit and protect your car, while storing away other equipment in a way that makes sense for you or your family. We have years of projects under our belt, adding in custom cabinetry and closets, extending garages, and custom designing floor plans, so that all of your important valuables have space. Our plans help keep you organized and have access to everything you need, so that you can live optimally.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

Remodeling your garage is not just convenient for you in the long run, it will also increase the value of your home by about 80% of the cost to remodel. Our local experts from White Plains are familiar with the stringent building codes and specific permits required to carry out large or small projects, so that everything will be done right. Having square-footage in your home that is optimally utilized is an instant strategy to raise your home’s value.

Quality Work Done Locally

We have years of experience completing garage remodels with our staff that ensures excellent service and uses only the highest quality materials and products. This will help your garage withstand the test of time and avoid everyday wear and tear. Because we are local to White Plains, we know manufacturers, vendors, and other services that are available in the area, and work with them to get your project finished as efficiently as possible.

Garage Customizations in White Plains

Reach out to our experts at Peak Construction to find out more about how we can help finally carry out that garage remodel you might be putting off. We talk with our clients from the beginning of the project, and check in with them frequently, to make sure that contractor and client are always on the same page. At Peak Construction, we believe that excellent communication and customer service is a must to ensure a quality final remodeling project.